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Colorado.... Is So Beautiful!

We arrived in Colorado last week and found this amazing little town called Silt. We are staying at a wonderful campground here in Silt Co. we found out about an amazing local treasure called “Harvey Gap State Park”. In this park is a crystal clear, aqua blue reservoir. We bought a small blowup boat and took it out on the lake for a relaxing day. If you are ever in the area of Silt Colorado, give it a work.

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How to clean your silver in a jiffy

Make your silver shine again like new Tonya Butcher Award winning artist and enamellist. This jewelry-cleaning trick is so easy, it'll blow your mind So, why does it happen? The tarnish develops as a chemical reaction when silver combines with sulfur and creates silver sulfide, darkening the surface. The resulting color can range in color from yellow to black, which not the most attractive way to show off your jewelry. Here is how to reverse this chemical reaction in a jiffy to with items you likely already have at home.  What you'll need: A dish or bowl Aluminum foil Boiling water 1 tablespoon of baking soda for each cup of water What you'll do: Line the bottom of a dish or bowl with aluminum foil...

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Save The Date!

A former Sugarloaf event, Capital Craft Fair is holding a fine art and craft fair Oct 16-18 at Dulles Expo located in Chantilly VA. You can find me at booth #609

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